Jenny, Jim & Jack

20 11 2007


We have had the opportunity to meet some great new clients.  I met Jenny this summer after a fortuitous Craigslist transaction in which the subject of photography came up.  I explained we were in the process of starting up our business and she was willing to entrust her family portraits to us.  After some scheduling challenges we managed to get together a few weeks ago at my new favorite spot for photography, Cannonsburg in Murfreesboro.  Jenny’s family was originally from the Cannonsburg area and wanted Jack’s 2nd year documented where his ancestor’s originated.   This little community was famously known for the world’s largest Cedar bucket.  It is a beautiful reproduction of a pioneer village complete with church, cabins, grist mill and antique tractor collection.  The bucket is no longer there due to some pesky vandals who burned it a few years back, but the village is certainly worth a stroll if you are in the area.  It is located just off Broad Street behind the Shoney’s.  It is right downtown, but cleverly hidden.

Jim, Jenny and Jack were great subjects and we had a  really great time shooting their portraits.  Jack is only 2 1/2 but he was very cooperative and not to mention adorable. 

Jim is a muscian and wanted a humerous picture dipicting his none-musical family members in an American Gothic type pose. 



Portrait Season

20 11 2007

It has been such a busy month since we returned from Minnesota and it seems we are deep in the throws of portrait season.  We have been asked to take so many portraits as we approach the holiday season it seems all of our nights and weekends have been taken with our new venture.  It’s a good problem to have but can be frustrating because we want to find time for everyone. 

We have been able to fit everyone in and only had to reschedule one session due to a nasty case of the stomach flu.  We are grateful to all of our friends and new clients that have entrusted us with their family portraits.  We hope you return many times over. 

Kelly + Adam 10.6.2007

8 10 2007


As we launch Kingsley Photography we were lucky enough to have the trust of our dear friends, Kelly and Adam. They allowed us the distinct privilege of being able to photograph their wedding and the beginning of their lives together. You might think this came with a lot of pressure, but they made it so easy on us. We had so much fun – it didn’t seem like work at all.

These are two fun, amazing people – hopelessly nice – unbelievably gorgeous and surrounded by an abundance of wonderful friends and family. They were truly a joy to shoot and as I said we were honored to be able to document the beginning for them.

The wedding was held in the most picturesque of locals, the north shore of Lake Superior in Minnesota. We were five hours from Minneapolis, an hour from Thunder Bay, Ontario, but worlds away and in another time. The lodge at Lutsen Resort is beautiful, built in 1951 on land that was homesteaded in 1885 for $12 by the Nelson family, immigrants from Sweden. The current lodge was rebuilt on the same site for the third time after two devastating fires in 1947 and 1950. The lodge has been in hands of only two families in the last 123 years and the atmosphere was like stepping into a familiar living room of a close friend. The weather was cold and rainy with 30 mph winds blowing off the lake, four foot waves crashing on the beach, but the scenery, even at its roughest was breathtaking.

I must say, however, not as breathtaking as the bride. In her beautiful ivory gown we actually managed to get her lakeside for a portrait and the results were stunning. If all the weddings we shoot in the future are this easy then we have definitely chosen the right course for our business. The families were great fun and it honestly didn’t feel like work. We have included a few of our favorite shots from the weekend. There are more to come, but we wanted to give you a preview.


Dawn & Billy

Kelly BW




Yes Stephanie, that is your husband being groped by the groom.


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